Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lou Monte - Pepino the Italian Mouse And Other Italian Fun Songs

I've already expressed my love of Lou Monte on a previous post. This is the most recent addition to my Lou Monte record collection. I got this about 6 months ago in a used book and record store back in my hometown of Palatine, IL, when I was visiting last fall. I was so excited to find this record because I had been looking for it for many years. I have the second Pepino record and I love that so much. I had to hear the record that started it all.

I am happy to report that the record met my expectations and then some. Not only is there a great Pepino song, there are other instant classics like "Calypso Italiano", "Tici Ti - Tici To - Tici Ta", "PLease Me Colombus", "Twist Italiano". There are some other great songs that also merit mention. "Show Me The Way To Go Home" is great. I love it because it is the drinking song Quint and Hooper sing in "Jaws". That is my favourite scene in "Jaws".

"Oh Tessie" is great is great. It is basically Bill Baily won't you come home with different lyrics. Many are in Italian, which I love.

"Eh Marie, Eh Marie" is nice as well. I have Lou singing this song on some other albums, but it is always an up beat number. This is a romantic ballad that would be prefect for a romantic dinner on a promenade in Italy. It was a nice surprise.

"Sixton Tons" is also a great song on it's own, but here it gets the Italian treatment. Again I have a soft spot for that.

Overall the album is great from start to finish. I hope you like it as much as I do.


01 Pepino, The Italian Mouse.m4a
02 Calypso Italiano.m4a
03 Oh Tessie.m4a
04 Tici Ti - Tici To - Tici Ta.m4a
05 Show Me The Way To Go Home.m4a
06 What Did Washington Say (When He Crossed The Delaware).m4a
07 Please Mr. Columbus (Turn The Ship Around).m4a
08 A Good Man Is Hard To Find.m4a
09 Eh Marie, Eh Marie.m4a
10 Sixteen Tons.m4a
11 Mala Femmena.m4a
12 Twist Italiano.m4a

The whole thing here.


JoGot said...

Thank you so much for posting the complete album download of Pepino the Italian mouse.
My brother and sisters and I loved this album growing up in the early 60's on Fulton Road in the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. My Dad and Mom are first generation Italian Americans and like many other first generation American Italians,the rat pack was really big in our family along with many other Italian songs and "MOB" inspired singers. Lou Monte was a household name for our family and friends and when our album was lost in a basement flood over 12 years ago, I went on a search for another copy. The 10 year search has been very un-fruitful. Like I said I have been looking and surfing for it now for the past 10 years with no luck. I found many other versions of the song "Pepino" and of course there is many copies of "Domenic the Donkey" since it has become a Radio favorite for Christmas for the past couple of years (also Lou Monte) but I could never find the entire album of "Pepino the Italian mouse and othe Italian fun songs". Thank you very much, your bookstore purchase has been a benifit to more than just your collection. Thank you for the access to your downloads of this album. What great memories it brings back.

Spencer said...

You are so very very welcome. You and your experience is exactly the kind of thing I like to hear. I'm hoping that a lot of what I do is a service especially when it comes to helping people find music from their childhood, that may have seemed lost forever. Have fun with the music. Hope it brings joy not only to you but to the rest of your family.

Don't know if you checked out the other Lou Monte record or the Sergio Franchi record. I've disabled the links to those tracks, but if you are interested in getting access to those, I could arrange it for you. I have a few other Lou Monte records that I've digitized as well, but have never posted. I'm sure they'll eventually make an appearance here as well.

Mandala said...

Thank you very much for posting music by Lou Monte. He is a very talented musician who made some very fun, enjoyable family music. I was wondering if you had his album "Here's Lou Monte." I've been searching for it for about three years now but to no avail. Thanks!

Spencer said...

Yes, Mandala I do have "Here's Lou Monte". And just because you asked for it I decided to post it this afternoon. Check out today's post and enjoy!

L said...

I just wish the Lou Monte Christmas Album would get a new remaster. My brother and I loved that one as kids. Just now searching online for it and came upon this blog.

Joe said...

i am looking for a pepino poster. 45 years a fan of that cha-cha mouse. oh. you a nice mouse. putta you hand in the box.pu

Joe said...

mama getta hammer theres a fly on papa;s head, hes got to grt thr row boats back to good old central park, martha mbaked us pizza but now there cold as ice, when you imbriago right in nthe toilet and angelique you got no sex appeal. just ask giuessepe while he trims and cuts your hair, he'll tell you all about that good girl that is hard to find.

JOE CORPSE said...

if you like Lou Monte, watch this video of Sixteen Tons ...

Spencer said...

Very cute and funny. Thanks for the link.