Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dolly Parton - Washday Blues 7"

Yes, another Dolly Parton record. I am getting to the end of my Dolly singles I swear.

This one is a fun record. "Washday Blues" has a funny little chorus with some female back up singers. They sound like housewives who would have the washday blues.

The end of the song has some spoken word from Dolly where you can hear her thick accent. It is like listening to another language to me, because it is so far removed from any world that I live in.

"Just As Good As Gone" is okay, nothing too special. This record is probably the weakest of my Dolly records, but even Dolly's weakest is pretty good in my book.

So next time you're dreading doing your laundry put on this little Dolly record and bring a smile to your face.


01 Washday Blues.mp3
02 Just As Good As Gone.mp3

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