Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinah Shore - Dear Hearts And Gentle People/Speak A Word Of Love 7"

To me Dinah Shore was first a talk show host and a singer second. I know that isn’t proper history, but it’s how I remember her. When I was a kid I remember the Dinah Shore show being on in the afternoon. I think it was my grandmother that watched the show. I can vaguely remember that she sang some on the show, but I never ever thought of her as a singer until I was much older.

Even now I think this record is the only thing I’ve ever heard from her as a singer. She had a pretty successful recording career if I’m not mistaken. She must have had enough of a following to roll that into a TV show.

These two songs are pretty milk toast. “Dear Hearts And Gentle People” sounds like an add for the Cleavers. It has an extra helping of purity added on top of everything with the line “they read the good book from Fri to Monday.” I don’t think the Cleavers ever mentioned the bible or religion, so this one has one up on them.

The melody reminds me of a Christmas song that goes “I love those J-I-N-G-L-E bells”. I really like that Christmas song and so this Dinah Shore song sits well with me as well.

“Speak A Word Of Love” is pretty sappy and to be honest is an even dirtier rip than the A-side. But maybe you’d like to hear another song so I’m posting it for your enjoyment.


01 Dear Hearts And Gentle People.m4a
02 Speak A Word Of Love.m4a


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