Friday, May 23, 2008

The Surf Stompers - The Original Surfer Stomp - 1963

Here's the second in my Del-Fi Surf records installments. This is a repress of the 1963 release by The Surf Stompers. I got this record for free so I can' t really complain that it is a little warped. because of than there are some placed where the record skips. Sorry folks.

If you're able to forgive that problem, you'll find this record to be a great surf record. It is recorded live and so it captures the real vibe and energy of what was going on in Southern California in the surf garage scene. I love these guys. I of course love "The Original Surfer Stomp", but there are plenty of other great tracks on this record. For instance "Kansas City' just sounds like they are having a great time playing this club or party or whatever it is.

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