Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 7"

I've had this one digitized and sitting around for a while now. I figure I should just get it out of my system. I'm sure "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" isn't knew to anyone. It is probably one of the biggest hits of all time and most recognizable songs from the 80's. Anyone who lived through the time can remember how big Cyndi was and how big the video for this song was. I mean it had Captain Lou Albano in it. How great was that. Anyways, the song is still great and will never get old. I've introduced my 8 yeard old daughter to the song and of course she loves it as well.

"Right Train, Right Track" may be new to some people, because it wasn't really a big hit. It's of course very 80's and has it's charm. It get a little dark for Cyndi and may be a bit of a surprise for people. There is a melody that start of the song that reminds me of incidental music from "Rugrats". Back in the day my son had the "Rugrats" video game for Playstation and so I got to know some of the incidental music quite well. I haven't made a direct comparison of the two songs, but I have a gut feeling they are pretty similar because whenever I hear the opening of this song I think "Rugrats".

So whether you love the 80's or you love Rugrats from the 90's I think there is something here you may like.


01 Girls Just Want To Have.mp3
02 Right Train Wrong Track.mp3

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