Friday, May 2, 2008

Jay Reatard - Hammer I Miss You 7"

Finally I've gotten to my Jay Reatard post. This record came out a few years ago and really was my introduction to Jay. If you like this I strongly recommend you seek out Jay's album "Blood Visions" which is great from start to finish. Jay has a talent from writing catchy songs, which keeping a rough raged edge around everything. This is garage music at it's purest.

Jay just recently release a new single on Matador records. I got it in the mail this past week and it also is great. You should seek it out. I ordered it right from the Matador sight.

As for this record, "Hammer I Miss You" has become a standard in Jay's live show. It is the reason I bought the record. Not that I had heard the song. I just saw the title and had high hopes. I mean really is anyone else singing about Hammer and missing him?

When I put the record on the song that really sold me on Jay was "It's So Useless". When you break the song down, it is just a good little power pop song, but the voice is just crazy. It's is hard to explain, but he sounds a bit like he does belong in a mental institution when he sings. Then the chorus is just punk rock. The song sounds like it is just going to spin out of control toward the end. It is Rock and Roll bliss.

"All Wasted" is again another great example of Jay at his best. Simple song. Catchy chorus. And it has the extra added bonus of having lyrics with "Zombies". I like zombie songs. Yes, I know that is probably a pretty weak statement, but it is true. I'm sure the song will make it onto a Halloween compilation one year.

So take this little sample of Jay Reatard and get yourself hooked. Once you are you'll find that he is pretty prolific recording under many different band titles. I recommend going back to the beginning with his Reatards recordings and then working your way out to some of the other projects like Angry Angles.


01 Hammer I Miss You.m4a
02 Its So Useless.m4a
03 All Wasted.m4a

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