Saturday, May 24, 2008

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads/Poems, Prayers And Promises 7" - 1971

I've never been a big John Denver fan. My real experience with him is that he did the "Oh God" movies and I vaguely remember him doing a muppet Christmas special.

I also seem to remember a lot of mail order commercials in the 80's for his music. I think he also did some other commercials in the 80's For some reason I think he did something for a cereal or something. I could be wrong on that, but the point is I know more about his nonmusic exploits that his actual music. With that said, I have listened a little more closely to some of his hits in recent years and have come to understand his appeal. "Take Me Home Country Roads" is one of those quintessential John Denver hits. Sentimental lyrics. A little country and bluegrass flavor in there. A easy going attitude. He was good at what he did. This may not be for everyone, but what do I care. Broaden your horizons is what I say.


01 Take Me Home, Country Ro.mp3
02 Poems, Prayers & Promise.mp3

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