Saturday, May 31, 2008

Robert John - The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Janet 7" - 1971

Here's a remake of the Tokens' classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". It wounds a little bit like it has some Beach Boys influence in here. It also sounds like its got a little bit of 70's bubblegum thrown in for good measure.

"Janet" on the other hand is a more soulful song. it starts off with just some soulful vocals and piano chords. It instantly sounds more interesting and mature than the A-side. The song morphs into a funky rocking song, with some great guitar work and funky bass lines.

Robert John seemed to have a pretty decent carrer. He started as a doo-wop singer in the 50's and sang up into the 80's. This single was a top ten hit for him in 1971. For more on Robert John check out this entry.


01 The Lion Sleeps Tonight.m4a
02 Janet.m4a

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