Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ludella Black - The Skull Of A Man 7" - 2002

If you're a regular reader you'd should probably know by now that I love Thee Headcoatees and most everything having to do with them. Ludella Black is one of those things, having been a member of the group. I only own this record by her.

"The Skull Of A Man" is a dark moody number. To me it has a sort of late 60's psyechdelic feel to it. I can see acid laced hippies dancing to something like this.

"The Pill I Take" stays in this same vain. The title evoking thoughts of "White Rabbit".

And the third song "You Opened My Eyes" also has a similar theme, but the music is a little more upbeat and rocking. It has a bit of a middle eastern guitar thing going on mixed with more of a garage rock vibe. This sounds more like something you'd expect from "Thee Headcoatees".


01 The Skull Of A Man.m4a
02 The Pill That I Take.m4a
03 You Opened My Eyes.m4a


cosmo said...

oh, I thought I was 1st with this one (I started a blog recently - no big news). I've just found yr blog tonight. I'll spend more time on it tomorrow. now I do have Miss Ludella's "she's out there" LP

Spencer said...

I've yet to hear some of her other songs. I just have this record and her work with Thee Headcoatees.

Thanks for the comments and good luck with your blog. I just checked it out and it looks good. You've got some nice music.

cosmo said...

for more Miss Black, have a look at
it features her LP "She's out there" and LPs by the Delmonas (Ludella pre-Headcoatees band)

Spencer said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just gave the blog a peak and it does look promising.