Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days/Turn Turn Turn 7"

Another selection from the Apple Records label. Mary Hopkin was one of those artists whose fame and fortune rose and fell with Apple Records. Twiggy brought her to the attention of Paul McCartney in 1968 when Apple was getting on it's feet.

I'm not exactly sure what he saw in her. These two songs are relatively bland in my opinion, but maybe that is what the label was looking for. I don't know, but you can listen to these two songs and know that she wasn't going to be a megastar without a little help from her friends, The Beatles. Such was the case for a lot of Apple's business decisions I believe, which is why they eventually failed.

Ironically this first single "Those Were The Days" was a smash hit in 1968. It went to #1 in the UK knocking out "Hey Jude" from the top spot. I think it's success had more to do with the relation to The Beatles, but what do I know. I wasn't there.

These are some pretty dusty rips, so I apologize in advance.


01 Those Were The Days.m4a
02 Turn Turn Turn.m4a

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