Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Producers - The Producers - 1981

This is one of the highlights of my great new wave/power pop purchase of 2008. The bummer here, though is that there are a few skips in the recording. I've tried my best to get rid of them, but until I get some proper record cleaning equipment I think this is the best I can do. It is so frustrating because it isn't a scratch, but just some caked in dust or something. Well such is life and the bright side is that you can still enjoy 99.99 percent of the record.

I never heard of The Producers before this record. I was amazed to find out that they headlined the first or one of the first MTV New Years Eve shows. They have a strong Police sound to them which is very catchy. The songs are all pretty strong pop song. The first track (with a skip) is a great album opener. It really shows off the power pop chops. "I Love Lucy" is a catchy Police-like song. One songs like "Who Do You Think You Are" they really rock out. More than the police ever did. There is still a touch of the Police in there, but there is probably more Cheap Trick influence to be had.

The Producers I think are still around in some form. They have a websight that seems pretty up to date. It says they just played a date in May 2008. I think you can also order their CD's from the sight. Check it out here.


01 What's He Got.m4a
02 I Love Lucy.m4a
03 Who Do You Think You Are_.m4a
04 Life Of Crime.m4a
05 Certain Kinda Girl.m4a
06 You Go Your Way.m4a
07 What She Does To Me.m4a
08 Body Language.m4a
09 Sensations.m4a
10 Here's To You.m4a
11 Boys Say When_Girls Say Why.m4a
12 The End.m4a

The Producers - Side
The Producers - Side

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