Sunday, June 15, 2008

Haysi Fantayzee - Battle Hymns for Children Singing - 1983

This one of the stranger records I've posted in a while. This is another from the great New Wave purchase of 08. The cover alone is worth owning. The title of the record is priceless. You know you are in for something weird. And then the photo on the back looks a lot like Mark Almond from Soft Cell. Freaky.

These guys are in a category all by themselves. It's like kids music on drugs. I've read a few things getting ready for this post and have found that people either got them and loved them or they simply hated them. I can kind of see both sides of the argument and I think it may all depend on what kind of mood you are in. The songs are infectious and fun, but sometimes they are so fun and so weird that it can come across calculated.

They had some minor success with this record. My wife remembers hearing "Shiny Shiny" in the club when she was a teen. The song sounds like it could have been the theme to a Nintendo cartoon. It's super happy. I think it will make it onto my summer 2009 mix because it just sounds like a day at the beach.

I believe "John Wayne Is Big Leggy" was also a bit of a hit. The title alone is a hit in my book. I have no idea what the song is really about, but I like it. It kind of sounds like it could be a J-Pop song. So if you're into that at all, I think you'll like this song.


01 Shiny Shiny.m4a
02 I Lost My Dodi.m4a
03 More Money.m4a
04 Jimmy Jive Jive.m4a
05 Sabres Of Paradise.m4a
06 Sister Friction.m4a
07 Shoofly Love.m4a
08 Chizoola.m4a
09 John Wayne Is Big Leggy.m4a
10 Here Comes The Beast.m4a

Haysi Fantayzee 

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Jus said...

Awesome! Side 2 is still active but could you re-up side 1? Cheers!

Spencer said...

Thanks for the heads up that the link was taken down. I re-upped side 1 and relinked the .zip file. Hope you enjoy it as much as side 2.

djbethell said...

Thanks for this. I had all the 12"s once upon a vinyl-time. Great to hear this again. ;)

Anonymous said...

actually one of my fav's. More Money was also played once in a while. Shiny Shiny was pretty big hit, and John Wayne was popular in Europe more than the US.... and yes wierd, but good - very good.

gordon dodd said...

It seems that the links are inactive.Is there any possibility of you being able to reactivate them.
I had this album and lost it recently in a rather bad situation,where most of my 80's music was lost to me.
I would be very grateful if you could help.

Thank you,

Spencer said...

E-mail me and I'll send a link.

Anonymous said...

please reup

Spencer said...