Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Clay House Inn, Presents The Real Thing Steel Band - 1970

This one is a bit of an oddity. This is a steel drum band that seems to have been sponsored by Coca Cola. As part of that sponsoring they played the Coca Cola theme and by the look of the cover, they wore Coca Cola uniforms. Strange to say the least.

To me the best thing on the record is "The Real Thing Theme". It is short and recognizable. It also seems to really work on steel drums.

The other tracks are hit and miss. Some are interesting curiosities like the "Hallelujah Chorus". Kind of strange hearing a classical song done on a group of steel drums. While not all the tracks work and some even go on too long and become a little annoying, you have to appreciate the effort. I mean some of this music was never intended to be played this way and it seems like it would have taken a lot of effort to arrange these for this band.


01 The Real Thing Theme.m4a
02 Poet & Peasants.m4a
03 Hallelujah Chorus.m4a
04 Somewhere My Love.m4a
05 Mas In Madison Square Garden.m4a
06 Voices Of Spring.m4a
07 Yellow Bird.m4a
08 Holly City.m4a
09 Siboney.m4a
10 Extro Real Thing.m4a

The Clay House Inn, Presents The Real Thing Steel Band - Side 1.zip
The Clay House Inn, Presents The Real Thing Steel Band - Side 2.zip


Bonnie said...

I saw this band live in Bermuda in 1974. I begged my mother for the album. I said it would be the only thing I wanted from the trip. I almost wore it out. It was the most exotic different sound an 11 year old from Trenton NJ had ever heard. I remember them as being great live. Then again I was 11 and hadn't heard too many groups live before. But this album brings back great sense memories for me.
Thanks for posting.

Spencer said...

Thanks for sharing that story. That is just the kind of thing I love hearing. And you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

hello! i remember this record from when i was a kid. could you please , please re-post the .zip files? it would mean alot. thank you!!!!!