Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sparks - Angst In My Pants - 1982

Another great time capsule record from 1982 with a couple songs featured in the movie Valley Girl. I really shouldn't have to say any more than that. I hope I'm also not getting everyone sick with all my references to Valley Girl. It is one of the all time great 80's teen romance movies.

The only thing I think I want to comment on is the line delivery on "Angst In My Pants". I don't think there is another song on the planet that captures the pent up male frustration like the way this song does, just in the way the lyrics are delivered. I don't exactly know how to describe it, but once you hear it you really feel like this guy just has something he needs to get out, but can't.

Sparks have a long illustrious career that dates back long before this New Wave classic. Again they are products of Todd Rundgren who discovered the band and signed them to Bearsville in the early 70's. I apologize also for bringing up another Todd Rundgren reference, but i can't help it. The guy was everywhere. For more on that read here.

As a side note The Dirtbombs have a new 7" single called "Play Sparks" out that parodies the back of this Sparks record and on it they do 2 Sparks covers. One of which is "Sherlock Holmes" which is also on this album. It's decent. You should check it out if you have the chance.


01 Angst In My Pants.m4a
02 I Predict.m4a
03 Sextown U.S.A..m4a
04 Sherlock Holmes.m4a
05 Nicotina.m4a
06 Mickey Mouse.m4a
07 Moustache.m4a
08 Instant Weight Loss.m4a
09 Tarzan And Jane.m4a
10 The Decline And Fall Of Me.m4a
11 Eaten By The Monsters Of Love.m4a

Here's the whole thing.

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