Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jane Wiedlin - Inside A Dream - 1988

I have two Jane Wiedlin single in my possession at this point. This one and Blue Kiss. I'm saving Blue Kiss for another time.

As a kid I never really followed the Go-Go's or the exploits of Belinda and Jane after the band. However as an adult I have a great affection for the Go-Go's and I'm just not discovering Jane's solo work.

This song isn't what I thought it was going to be. The song is even poppier that anything the Go-Go's ever did. I find that surprising because I had thought she left the Go-Go's to be heard as a singer songwriter. This song however just seems like kind of a generic pop dance song. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is just unexpected.

The tracks are very 80's sounding, but that doesn't mean they aren't still good. In fact when I was digitizing this, my daughter thought it was great. She was dancing all around the living room. I think that is a pretty good judge that it isn't too dated as far as pop songs go. She's up on all the latest pop songs on Radio Disney.

So give it a listen. If you don't like the first mix you've got 4 others to try and then "Song Of The Factory", which has synths that sound like a New Order song. I don't know if "The Factory" is supposed to be a reference to "The Factory" in England that is connected to New Order, but it does seem like an odd coincidence.


01 Inside A Dream (12_ Mix).m4a
02 Inside A Dream (12_ Edit Version).m4a
03 Inside A Dream (Single Version).m4a
04 Inside A Dub.m4a
05 Inside a Chep.m4a
06 Song Of The Factory.m4a

Jane Wiedlin - Inside A Dream 12".zip


Matracas said...

I remember during the Go Go's heyday 1982-1984 that all my friends were always lusting for Belinda...while I chose Jane. I have only heard Jane as a solo artist due to a CD I own called "Lost & Found" which is a compilation of odd or forgetten radio tracks by many artists (Missing Persons, Cowboy junkies, Martha Davis, among others) and Jane appears here with "Rush Hour" which I think sort of dented the lower part of the Billboard Hot 100 in the late 80's.

I saw the Go Go's in concert about 4 or 5 years ago and I will say that Jane was the the best and youngest looking of the 5 gals.

Spencer said...

I'm pretty sure you are right about "Rush Hour". I believe it was a minor hit, at least I'm pretty sure I read that in my research. Myself I don't know that I've ever heard the song. I'm sure It will cross my path at some point.

Nice to hear Jane is aging well. I think she was the one with the real talent, but kind of got overshadowed.