Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Phil Seymour - S/T - 1980

Of all the records I bought at the great New Wave/Power Pop purchase of 2008, this one had the most suspicious cover. I didn't know what to expect. I mean the body language on the back of the record jacket seems awfully feminine, so I didn't know what to expect. Was it going to be cool new wave pop music or was it going to be Leo Sayer. I'm happy to report that it is a record or great pop tunes.

"Precious To Me" kicks the thing off in perfect form. A quintessential 3 minute pop tune complete with a Frankie Valley like falseto. Pop bliss.

Phil Seymour was new to me when I picked this up. I did notice that he helped out on the 20/20 record I also bought that day. It turns out that before going solo Phil Seymour was essentially half of the creative force behind The Dwight Twilley Band. Dwight being the other half of course. I really don't know their music, but I at least have heard of them. After hearing this record I'm keeping my eyes out for any of their records as well.

"I Found A Love" is another great power pop tune. This one doesn't have the Frankie Valli falsetto, but has a little more of a rootsy rock flavor, which remaining squarely in the world of pop. The tune is catchy and light, just what you want in a powerpop tune. Me likey.

"Let Her Dance" and "Baby It's You" are fantastic and should also be pointed out. "Don't Blow Your Life Away" has shades of Wooly Bully and the theme to Peter Gunn. That comparison should perk your interest enough to want to check out that one.

The rest of the songs are all in this vein and make for a solid album on all accounts. Well crafted pop tunes to make your day brighter. For more on the release read here.


01 Precious To Me.m4a
02 I Found A Love.m4a
03 Love You So Much.m4a
04 Baby It's you.m4a
05 Let Her Dance.m4a
06 Then We Go Up.m4a
07 Don't Blow Your Life Away.m4a
08 We Don't Get Along.m4a
09 Trying To Get To You.m4a
10 I Really Love You.m4a
11 Won't Finish Here.m4a

Here's the whole thing. Phil Seymour.zip


Matracas said...

I remember "Precious to me" and for a time was one of my favorite songs. Little known now a days because 80's radio doesn't play it at all. Thanks for this find.

Spencer said...

You are welcome.