Monday, June 9, 2008

The Sights - So Much For Everlasting Love 12" EP - 1982

Here's a somewhat obscure selection from the early 80's. It's an EP by The Sights who were jamming out New Wave tunes around Los Angeles during the height of this whole movement. The 4 songs here are all pretty strong. The opening track is great little guitar driven song. "Dirty Bop" is a dirty power pop rocker that is also quite tastey.

For more on this EP check out this blog. On this site there a bunch of comments from people about this record and one person writes about everything The Sights released. Here's what I copied and pasted.

1981 - "The Sights"
1. 98.6 Again
2. Twice As Hard
3. I'll Make You Love Me
4. Nothing New
5. Dirty Bop

1982 - "So Much For Everlasting Love"
1. So Much For Everlasting love
2. Lead Me Down
3. Wax Museum
4. Dirty Bop

1983 - "Virginia"
1. Virginia
2. Virginia (Remix)

I also have various B-sides and demo versions. B-side titles include:
-Too Much To Live For (my favorite Sights song)
-Ill Tell You From My Heart
-Happy hour
-Give Me a Gun
-Keep Your Place


01 So Much For Everlasting Love.m4a
02 Lead Me Down.m4a
03 Wax Museum.m4a
04 Dirty Bop.m4a


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