Monday, June 2, 2008

Badfinger - Day After Day/Money 7"

For me this song is one of those songs I knew from the radio, but I never knew who sang it. And Bad Finger is one of those bands that again I knew the name, but I never knew what they sang. I think they just fell into the category of 70's bands before my time with a memorable band name like Little Feat or Grandfunk Railroad.

I don't remember if I learned of Bad Finger's Beatles heritage before getting this record or if it was the apple records logo that clued me in. Whichever the case may be, that was enough to get me to want to hear and learn more. Even when i bought this record I can remember I couldn't make a connection with the title to what the actual song was. When I put the needle on it was one of those, "oh this is that song" moments. It was also one of those, "What I've read is right, this does sound like The Beatles". It should George Harrison produced the song. For more on the tragic story of Bad Finger read here.

You'll notice that the B-Side "Money" was produced by Todd Rundgren. I recently wrote about him on my Runt posting. He had his hands in on so many things and this is just one more piece of evidence. While "Day after Day" is Beatlesesque I find this one to be more Crosby, Stills and Nash. Great harmonies that evoke that Southern California sound of the late 60's and early 70's.

Both songs come from the album "Straight Up" which is considered by many as Badfinger's finest record. Read more about that record here.

So if you haven't listened to Bad Finger, but do have a working knowledge and love of The Beatles or want to hear something produced by Todd Rundgren, give this one a shot.


01 Day After Day.m4a
02 Money.m4a


Matracas said...

Something similar happened to me; I had heard about the group and I had heard the song but until a few years ago I didn't tie them both together (I even thought that it was an Eric Clapton song; with him on vocals).

Spencer said...

That's funny. I've had that happen to me many times. Especially when I was young and didn't know as much rock history. I would assume a song was by someone and then 20 years later learn I was wrong all of these years.