Friday, June 20, 2008

Boots Randolph - Yakety Sax - 1963

It was inevitable really that I get around to posting Boots' first record. This record is top notch. It spent over a year on the charts and eventually went gold. Boots blows up a storm on side one and then cools things down for side two.

Highlights aside from "Yakety Sax" are "If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time), "Charlie Brown", "Cacklin' Sax" And "Smoke Gets If Your Eyes".


01 Yakety Sax.m4a
02 Walk Right In.m4a
03 If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time).m4a
04 Cotton Fields.m4a
05 Charlie Brown.m4a
06 Cacklin' Sax.m4a
07 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.m4a
08 I Can't Stop Loving You.m4a
09 Lonely Street.m4a
10 It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'.m4a
11 I Fall To Pieces.m4a
12 I Really Don't Want To Know.m4a


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