Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eddy Arnold - Bayou Baby/Do You Know Where God Lives? 7"

"Bayou Baby" is a sweet little song, but it really is kind of a yawner. It's just a little too precious for my tastes.

"Do You Know Where God Lives?" however is a fun little gospel number. I know gospel music is an acquired taste. Sometimes there is a cheese factor to why I may like one of these religious songs. This however isn't that kind of case. This is just a fun little song. It has a child like innocence to it. It also is really upbeat, a real toe tapper if you will. The arrangement is great. There's one of those bassy Oak Ridge Boys "Elvira" type voices in there. I love when that guy comes in with "Oh do you know" and then "Where God lives? The voice is so low it really just cuts to your middle. Take away the religious content and the song is pure Americana. It is Disneyland's Mainstreet USA. On the other hand the religious content is also purely American and makes it perhaps even more uniquely American.


01 Bayou Baby.mp3
02 Do You Know Where God Lives.mp3

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