Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scandal - Scandal EP -

Another from my New Wave/Power Pop purchase of 2008 and what a purchase this one was. I loved Scandal as a kid. It was one of those loves, though that I didn't really share with too many guy friends.

I don't know how much these guys are appreciated now days. I remember in the 90's when the 80's radio stations and the 80's lunchtime hours started popping up on the airwaves, but I don't remember much Scandal being played, at least not on the stations I heard. When I started getting into collecting records I remember finding "The Warrior" and being so thrilled. I hadn't heard that song in so long. I remember putting it on and falling in love all over again. I think I mentioned to my wife, that I couldn't believe how that song has kind of been forgotten.

Well, the songs on this EP I don't think have been forgotten. In fact I think Scandal has a bit of a comeback and it is well deserved. This EP is so smoking hot I can't believe it. I bought this and again it was like going back in the wayback machine and remembering how great this band was.

In doing some research I learned that this EP was the biggest selling EP in the history of Colombia records. That's a pretty amazing thing.

Since purchasing this record a month or so ago, I have put in on the turn table many a time. In fact I'm one of those geeky people who if I love a song I will listen to it several times in a row. My family can attest to the fact that I have on several occasions listened to side one two or three times in a row. The music is that infectious. So if you don't know or remember Scandal, please download now and listen to the first 2 tracks. Pure 80's classics. If you know them, but may have forgotten the pop genius that was Scandal, download and relive the greatness.


01 Goodbye To You.m4a
02 Love's Got A Line On You.m4a
03 Win Some, Lose Some.m4a
04 She Can't Say No.m4a
05 Another Bad Love.m4a



Matracas said...

Looks like my comment didn't get posted the first time. I had a HUGE crush on Patty Smyth back in the day and to this day she still looks gorgeous. In my hometown, The Warrior was a huge hit, going to #1 on one of the local radio station's Top 10 countdown. There is another "hit" from the warrior album that I love called "Beat of a heart". It had absolutly no airplay and the video was seen once or twice on local video shows. Nowadays I always "push" this song/mp3 around to friends with internet radio programs so that they play it and I occasionally get a few "Wow, never heard this before, sounds great".


Spencer said...

You're right, that was a good song as well. I did get radio play in Chicago, but of course not as much as "The Warrior".

I love knowing a little gem of a song and sharing it with others. It is one my small joys in life. That of course explains why this blog was inevitable.

By the way you might also like to listen to this Patty Smyth interview. I should have posted it in the actual blog posting. It is from one of my favorite podcasts "Stuck In The 80's". You'd probably like it.