Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chet Atkins - Yakety Axe/Black Mountain Rag 7"

I know I’ve already posted two Boots Randolph albums so this may seem overkill, but I simply can’t get enough of that old Benny Hill song. Here Chet Atkins takes a stab at Boots’ classic “Yakety Sax” and renames it “Yakety Axe” because of course he plays it on his guitar instead of a saxophone.

I apologize also for the Beverly Hillbillies reference I’m going to make. I know I keep going to that well, but it was a big part of my childhood. For that matter so was Benny Hill. This version of Yakety Sax sounds like it really should have belonged on “The Beverly Hillbillies” because of the guitar. Chet’s guitar gives it a more country, hillbilly flavor that really reminds me of “The Beverly Hillbillies”. I know there were never scenes of a dirty old man chasing young women in their underwear, but I can imagine the music working for a scene with Granny chasing some city folk across the lawn. Again I don’t think there was ever a scene like that, but I wish there had been.

“Black Mountain Rag” is a nice instrumental featuring some fine plucking by Chet Atkins. I love the sound of his guitar. I love that clear unfuzzed out quality. It sounds so pure and warm. That’s the sound I associate with the first electric guitars. I know this was recorded long after the electric guitar was invented, but I like that Chet still had this sound to his instrument.

The song is also easy going and upbeat. It kind of reminds me of a summer bike ride. It evokes traveling and the pleasant melody just sounds like the carefree spirit of summer as a kid when I was out of school. Each day meant that anything could happen. Any sort of adventure could unravel and for me I always had a bike to take me everywhere I went as a kid. Maybe it would be a trip up to the K-Mart. Maybe it would be a trip down to one of the nearby lakes to go fishing. Maybe it was a trip to the pool. Maybe we’d go exploring in the woods. Maybe it was riding to some unknown neighborhood to see what their parks and playgrounds were like. Maybe you’d find a park with a big slide or an amazing jungle gym. As a kid summer meant all of these things and more. This song evokes all those memories. Maybe it will for you too.


01 Yakety Axe.mp3
02 Black Mountain Rag.mp3

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