Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Runt - We Gotta Get You A Woman/Baby Let's Swing/The Last Thing you Said/Don't Tie My Hands 7" - 1970

At first I just saw the name Runt and thought oooooo must have. Then I saw Todd Rundgren and really thought this was worth a couple quarters. I've become somewhat of a fan of his in the last decade. The more I hear of his or what he's produced that more I'm convinced of his genius. If you aren't aware of his amazing talents aside from the singing you should check out all the songs he's written and or produced. It is staggering.

Anyways with this purchase I was not disappointed. It turns out that "We Gotta Get You A Woman" was Todd's first real hit. I had never heard the song before, but apparently it was a hit climbing the charts in 1971. It's got the easy rockin' vibe of Todd Rundgren. What little I know about this record I got here. As it turns out that Runt was really just a front for Todd as a solo artist. You can read more about Todd and the whole Runt experience here.

The B-Side is okay. Sounds like 70's singer song writer easy listening rock. I don't know if that is an actual genre, but you'll know what I mean when you hear these. These songs could have only been produced in the first 5 years of the 70's.


01 We Gotta Get You A Woman.m4a
02 Baby Let's Swing_The Last Thing you Said_Don't Tie My Hands.m4a


Matracas said...

AMPEX Records??? I was only familiar with the AMPEX name due to blank cassette tapes that were sold during the 80's in Mexico (right next to the TDK, Memorex, Sony, Fisher & Pioneer; heck, there was even a Mexican version of Memorex called "Memormex" Jajajaja.
Not a big fan of Todd but his legacy in Rock N Roll History is undeniable.

Spencer said...

I don't know if Ampex records is the same as the company that made Ampex tapes. Could be, but I don't know.

I can understand not being a big fan of Todd's music. It's not all great and even for me he grew on me. But as a producer he has done some top notch work. In my mind that is where he really shines.

Matracas said...

Ampex Records is acctually part of Ampex:

Spencer said...

Nice find. This so makes sense because Rundgren was such a techy kind of guy. It would make sense that he was on a label that was really a sound equipment company essentially.

Thanks again.

dharma_bummer said...

Any chance of a re-up? As I understand, the medley is a completely different (and superior) mix to the album version, and unavailable on CD...

Spencer said...

Hit me up with your e-mail and I can hook you up with a link.