Friday, May 9, 2008

Anna And The Psychomen - My Baby Needs To Rock And Roll 7"

In keeping with the garage theme of recent posts here is a rip roaring release from Anna and The Psychomen. I picked this one up on a whim, just because it looked like it was going to be wild. After getting it home and confirming that the record was great I started doing some reading on Anna and The Psychomen. On their website, which if I remember correctly was wildly out of date, it said that they played some dates with Morticia's Lovers in Italy. I thought of course I like this band. They are part of that whole circle of sleaze, garage rock and roll bands. From what I can gather they are from Italy, Milan to be exact. I'm gathering that from places other than their website, because that isn't very helpful in gathering facts. The site is fun, but is one of those sites that is all about the myth and fictitious story behind Anny and the psychomen.

The first track "My Baby Needs To Rock 'N' Roll" is awesome from start to finish. It will kick you up side your head and feel no regrets.

"I Love To Hate You" following int he same vein. It starts with a clip of an Italian guy on the radio with some surf music in the background. Then the song kicks in. Again punch your lights out energy and garage heaven.

"Cannibals Love To Rock 'N' Roll" is my second favorite song on the record. It was this title that really caught my eye when I was flipping through the record bin. I mean it's got cannibals right there in the title. How bad could it be?

"Dressed In Black" could possibly be the longest song on the record at about 4 and a half minutes. It starts off with a little more build up and anticipation. It is a little slower. I don't mean that it is a slow song, because it is not. It is rock and roll through and through, but it has a little more control to it. It doesn't sound like it is going to implode at any moment.

All in all the record is great. If you have a chance to buy this one one of their other releases do so. If you have a chance to see them play definitely go and then tell me about it. I'd love to see them, but I doubt i ever will. I don't know if they'll ever come to the states and because their website is years out of date I'm not sure they are even still playing. Oh well. I have this record to make due.


a1 - My Baby Needs To Rock'n'Roll.mp3
a2 - I Love You, I Hate You.mp3
b1 - Cannibals Love To Rock'n'Roll.mp3
b2 - Dressed In Black.mp3

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