Sunday, May 18, 2008

Earth Wind And Fire - After The Love Has Gone/Rock That! 7"

Again with an extremely noisy rip. So don’t get your hopes up for any free music really. You’ll have to look elsewhere. So you ask, why even post the record. Well for one, the song “After The Love Is Gone” is a classic. This is smooth R&B at it’s best. Pure seduction music. Voices like a nice warm blanket. It’s hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

“Rock That” is a groover instrumental with lots of funk and disco influences still going strong. The song kind of goes all over the place and that is kind of the appeal. It doesn’t stay in one place too long, before morphing into something else. One minute its disco, and the next it’s kind of a rock and roll song and then it’s back to being a funky jam. By the way, this rip is less noisy and so it might be worth downloading.


01 After The Love Has Gone.m4a
02 Rock That!.m4a


Matracas said...

Hey; I own this 45...It was given to me on my birthday in 1980. Truth sounds way better as it is today compared to your rip. Oh well; sometimes you find some in almost mint condition and other times just records that were played till they got warped.

Have a great week.

Spencer said...

Yeah this one sounds pretty bad. It is true. Not everyone can sound mint. Luckily I also have the "I Am" LP from which this single came. It is in much better condition. That album is pretty good. It also has "Boogie Wonderland". Disco classic in my book.

I was also just watching "Caddyshack" the other night and had to laugh when Rodney Dangerfield has the club band play something more lively and they soundtrack kicks in with "Boogie Wonderland" and the old guys on the stage have to act like they are playing the song. Pretty funny.

Anyways, you have a good week too.