Monday, May 5, 2008

Morticia's Lovers - Rock 'n' Roll Overdose - 2003

Before I ever really got into searching for music on soulseek ad before bittorrent I would search record label websites for free downloads. At some point I came across Morticia's Lovers. They had a few songs from this album to download. I fell instantly in love with the complete abandon and screeching vocals. The songs were short, fast, full of punk rock energy, but weren't really punk. They were somthing else. It many respects this was one of the bands that got me into the whole garage rock/garage punk thing that I'm so into now.

"C'mon Yeah" basically is a rip of Chuck Berry with more raunchy rock 'n' roll craziness. I remember my daughter being 4 or 5 years ago and singing along with this song in the car. That says something. The song is completely rock and roll, but was catchy enough for a little kid to connect to it. The girl's voice is interesting. At times it sounds like it is a little Japanese girl from some anime. Gives the song a different vibe.

The other song that I initially downloaded and fell in love with is the title track "Rock N Roll Overdose". It just sounds like what punk rock should sound like. I mean that mostly in the attitude, because of course Punk can take on many forms, but at it's core there is just an intangible attitude that says punk rock to me. This song has it in spades.

Well eventually I found this record and I bought the whole thing. It is 10 songs of raucus rock and roll heaven. I wish I could see these guys perform. I have no idea if they are still together or if they travel. Their website hasn't been updated forever the last I checked. I guess I'll just have to be happy with these songs. You should seek out the record and buy it as well if you like what you hear. Maybe it will give them a reason to tour or record some more.


01 C'Mon Yeah.mp3
03 Rock 'N' Roll Girl.mp3
04 Sign Of Love.mp3
05 Boredom.mp3
06 Rock 'N' Roll OVerdose.mp3
07 You Gotta Shake.mp3
08 Do The Uganda.mp3
09 Pink Punk Fuckin' Machine.mp3
10 Let's Go.mp3

Morticia's Lovers - Rock 'n' Roll Overdose (Vinyl).zip

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