Thursday, May 22, 2008

The's - Bomb The Twist 7" - 1996

This is the second record I’ve posted by the 5. 6. 7. 8.’s. The last record was Woo Hoo which everyone should know from “Kill Bill”. This record should however convince you that you should search these ladies out and buy some of their records. This shows that there is a lot more to these girls than “Woo Hoo”.

“Bomb The Twist” is a no holds barred, gritty rocker that tears from start to finish. It sounds like pure mayhem. It is rock ‘n’ roll at it’s purest form. I love the vocals that are being screeched out in the foreground and then the more in control backup vocals. And the whole thing just seems a little too fast and feels like it is going to spin out of control at any minute. When the song finally ends you can’t believe that these ladies could keep up that energy and speed the whole way through. It is simply amazing.

“It’s Raining” is a slower song. Their accents are much thicker on this one, and I find that quite charming. Many of the lines require several listens to understand, but that is okay. It’s all part of the fun with listening to Japanese garage bands sing in English.


01 Bomb The Twist.mp3
02 It's Raining.mp3

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