Monday, April 21, 2008

The Surf Raiders - Surf Bound - 1983

The Surf Raiders were part of a surf revival that happened in the early 80's. I actually don't really remember that, but it appears it was there. I guess my contact with it was through hearing Agent Orange who took surf music and turned into "Skateboard" music, giving it a little more punk edge.

When I was in highschool in the later half of the decade I and many of my friends went through a surf music phase, inspired mostly by Agent Orange. A friend of my had a band that may have played once at a party where they kind of did the Agent Orange thing playing faster, louder surf music.

This record is not that. This record sounds like it could have been recorded in 1962 on Del-Fi records. It is authentic surf music, machine gun guitar and all. If you are a fan of any of that old early 60's surf music this is a great album. It takes that genre, treats it right and is recorded under much better conditions so it sounds great.

I don't know much about the band. I did some basic internet searches and didn't really find anything. I did find them on a surf compilation with Agent Orange. If anyone knows any more about this band please let me know.

So next time your heading to the beach or dreaming about heading to the beach to catch some waves I think this might be a perfect soundtrack for you.


01 Surf Bound.mp3
02 Totally Tubular.mp3
03 Egyptian Surf.mp3
04 Beyond.mp3
05 Hit The Surf.mp3
06 Raider Jam.mp3
07 Wave Walk'n.mp3
08 The Ranch.mp3
09 Hott Foam Rider.mp3
10 Long Ride.mp3
11 K-39.mp3
12 El Surfboard.mp3

Here's the whole thing. The Surf


John said...

One of the members of the band lived the next street over when I was a kid in Azusa. I can still remember hearing them practice. I also had one of their albums that was pressed in a blue wavy looking vinyl and signed by the whole band. Sadly I got rid of it a long time ago.

Spencer said...

That is very cool. It is too bad that you got rid of the record, though.

Pacific Freelance said...

Holy Cow! thank you soooo much for sharing these!
When i was ... much younger i had not met the Dalleys [i too lived in Azusa] but i was baptized in their pool! they had given me 2 cassettes with the 3 albums on them and i grew to love the first 2 albums more than any other i had at the time and as luck would have it, a few years later someone stole all my cassettes.
Im in contact with Bob Dalley now, he has moved to Utah and is trying to get the 2nd / 3rd albums digitized. i found him via his Surf Raiders facebook page.