Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stevie Wonder - If You Really Love Me 7"

Here's another in my series of Stevie Wonder 45's that I own. This is Stevie at his best in the 70's. His work in the 80's is okay and has a certain appeal as a sort of time capsule of the 80's but his work in the 70's is just great, through and through. I have not emotional attachments to any of that music, so I judge it purely on its musical merits and I think it is great.

"If You Really Love Me" is a great pop single. He really sings his heart and soul out in that one. Makes you fall in love with Stevie Wonder all over again. "Think Of Me As Your Soldier" is a beautiful ballad in it's own right, but certainly not the highlight for me. Both of these songs were recorded when Stevie was a mere 20 years old and were on the album "Where I'm Coming From" from 1971. This was a pivotal moment for Stevie. He was growing up and becoming his own man. He was spreading his wings. These songs and that album were a sign of the greatness that was before Stevie in that decade.

The B-side rip is extremely noisy with pops and crackles, so I apologize in advance. It really shouldn't matter because the A-side sounds great and that is the one you should listen to.


01 If You Really Love Me.mp3
02 Think Of Me As Your Soldier.mp3

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