Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jane's Addiction - 1989 Live Bootleg

Without getting into too much detail, this is a record I thought I would never see again. Many of the records I had as a teenager disappeared when I went away to college. I'm still sad about my Battalion of Saints and Out Of Order records that I never did get back. I'm pretty sure my mother gave them to my brother who then lost them or sold them or had them stolen from him. Who knows. Well a couple years ago my brother actually found a bunch of my records and gave them to me. This Jane's Addiction bootleg was a sight for sore eyes. I mean I really didn't think I'd ever see it again. I had made a tape of it, so from time to time I still was able to enjoy it, but to actually put it on the turn table, all hope had been lost. But not anymore. And now you can enjoy it as well.

The recording quality is so-so. There is a lot of audience chatter, but the club is small. There is no information as two when and where this was recorded. The record has blank white labels. The jacket is just as useless. In fact it lists "Mountain Song" as being a track, but it's nowhere to be found. Then there is a track at the beginning that I just made up a title for. If anyone knows the real title of "Beautiful Too" let me know. I've also broken out all the chatter and guitar tuning between songs, so that if you just want to hear the songs you can.

Now for some context. At the time when I bought this record Jane's Addiction was my favorite band. I listened to those first two records over and over again. I used Jane's Addiction when making skateboard videos or me and my friends. I never actually got to see them live and these days, I don't think I'd really be interested. I remember my friend seeing them around this time and he told my how great they were live. On "Chip Away" he said the lights dropped and then they began beating on trashcans if I remember the story correctly. I thought that sounded like the coolest thing ever. Well, this record is the closest thing I have to hearing them live. I hope you like it as well.

So if you forgot what an amazing band Jane's Addiction was, put this on and fall in love all over again like I did. Maybe start off with "Whores" because it is just outstanding.


01 Beautiful Too.m4a
02 Interlude & Tuning.m4a
03 My Time.m4a
04 Interlude & Perry Chatter.m4a
05 Chip Away.m4a
06 Interlude & Tuning #2.m4a
07 Whores.m4a
08 You Gotta Calm Down.m4a
09 Thank Ya Boys.m4a
10 1%.m4a
11 Ocean Size.m4a
12 Get These Lights Off.m4a
13 Ain't No Right.m4a
14 Up The Beach.m4a
15 Trip Away.m4a

For a slightly easier download here are sides 1 and 2 in two zip files.
Live Bootleg 1989 - Side
Live Bootleg 1989 - Side


Audio File said...

I have this concert on audio cassette tape, I remember particular banter segments of this.

The opening track is called KETTLE WHISTLE. The ended up doing a shitty version of it on their "reunion" cd.

Opening with KETTLE WHISTLE is VERY rare for 1989. By then they opened most shows with Up The Beach. I think this show is 88, or possibly 87.

I'll keep digging for ya.

Audio File said...

I'm 90% sure that this show is from January 31, 1987. 5 Days after they recorded the show that became the first cd.

I'll try to verify it, if I can find my old tape.

Spencer said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to go in and label that song Kettle Whistle. I don't even think I ever even listened to that album. Jane's Addiction was kind of off my radar by that time in the 90's.

And the info on the date is priceless. How did you figure that out. What's your reference? That was some good sleuthing.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Audio File said...

Hey man, just noticed your comment on my blog. I sort of abandoned that one a bit. Or started it too soon.

My main blog is

You can hit me up at

My old tape of those shows, I labeled that song "What Makes Baby Cry?", which I kidna like more than Kettle Whistle.

Greg said...

The Love Junkies Album was recored on January 31, 1987 at King's Hall, University of Southern California, L.A. This is according to

Ploni said...

I don't want to admit how much I paid for this bootleg, but I am sure happy to have a copy of it again!

Matt said...

Just stumbled upon this blog. I picked this record up yesterday for $12 and was tracking down some info for it.

Spencer said...

Hope the blog and all the comments helped you out.

Anonymous said...

This was my first Jane's bootleg, and I was also puzzled by the title of the first song (it was also my introduction to "Ain't No Right," as I got it prior to the release of Ritual). Based on the indistinct mark that begins the tracklisting, I had assumed "Kettle Whistle" was called "I" (a word the is used prominently in the song). Glad I wasn't the only one thrown for a loop. I remember thinking it was very cool getting to hear this otherwise unknown song. Also, I found it hilarious that not only did Archie & Pinhead erroneously include "Mountain Song" on the tracklisting, they also mis-spelled it.