Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stone Fury - Let Them Talk - 1986

Am I on a roll or what? Another post in the same week. This is my companion piece to the More record from the post last week. I picked this up for the cover, especially the hair. The actual music on the record is pretty weak. The first track is okay, and by that I mean it isn't un-listenable. The rest of the record is all rather dreadful and not even in a cheeseball fun way. It's just bad. The badness reminds me of Dirk Diggler's band in Boogie Nights.

Enjoy! (if you can)

Side 1
01 Too Late
02 Lies On The Run
03 Let Them Talk
04 Babe

Side 2
05 Eye Of The Storm
06 Doin' What I Feel
07 Let The Time Take Care
08 I Should Have Told You
09 Stay


Matracas said...

I have their first album "Burning like a star" which is also pretty much disposable although I do include the lead-off track "Break down the walls" in my Lost 80's rotation (http://fmretro.listen2myradio.com). The only reason people may know "Stone Fury" is because singer Lenny Wolfe went on to front "Kingdom Come" who's song "Get it on" with it's Zepplin-like feling is an 80's hair metal classic.

Spencer said...

Good solid info. I'll have to check out those other tracks. I don't think I've heard them.

Matracas said...

This is the Stone Fury track I mentioned: http://snd.sc/ef5Clh

Here's the Get it on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq1tpCkAecI