Thursday, October 10, 2013

SAP Music - Fahrenheit 3000 Opening Mixes

At work the some of the artists have pulled together a bar.  Every Thursday after work they hold a happy hour.  Originally they called the bar Fahrenheit 399.  The 399 came from the cubicle number of the guy who pulled it all together and the bar was next to his cubicle.  The Fahrenheit came from the simple fact that the bar that they bought had flames on it so they went for a Farhenheit 451 theme.  Well recently the department had to move to another area on the floor, which meant that the bar had to move.  The cubicle and office numbers in the new location are all in the 3000s so the new bar is to be named Fahrenheit 3000.  The new location is actually a larger communal location so they are spending some time and money making this bar even better.  I was asked to pull together some music for the upcoming grand opening party.  So that is the reason for this mix of music.  I pulled together two discs worth of music.  The first disc is based around the themes of fire and drinking.  The second disc is just some songs that I thought might be nice at the party, which really just means they are some songs I've been liking recently.  So hopefully you'll have fun with this collection.


Password: sapmusic2013
Disc 1
Disc 2

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