Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2013

It is that time of year again to get out the spooky and creepy music for one of my favorite holidays.  I'm not actually big on the whole dressing up thing, but I love all the decorations.  I love breaking out my Universal Monster movies.  And I love the music.  This year I challenged myself with the task of making two mixes.  This being the first of the two.  This is most like mixes from the past.  One thing I didn't really get to this year was any sort of really original mix or mashup.  There are some minor mixing of tracks to make something new, but not to the extent that I have done in the past.  I used that extra time to make the second mix which I will be posting soon.  As per usual you can read the track names on the images.  You can see the selections are eclectic as usual.  Many tracks aren't traditionally Halloween oriented, but there is something about the songs that can relate to the season.  They are either dark in theme or creepy in their lyrics for instance.


Password: sapmusic2013

You can download a CD insert here.


Robb said...

Any chance of getting fresh links for your other Halloween mixes?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mate - Love your Halloween mixes. Any chance of getting download links for the older ones?

Spencer said...

Try this folder. I uploaded these last year so I can't remember if they are password protected. If they aren't there is a good chance that mediafire will block them. If that happens let me know and I'll work on uploading some password protected files.



Frensh John said...

Hi friends. I just found all of your Halloween compilations. Is there a way That you can repost the one from 2012 The link Is not working.


Spencer said...

Try the link on the comment above.


It has all the Halloween mixes.

French John said...

Hello friends. The link is active again and the download worked. Thank you to you.
Thank you for the pleasure you give us all these great mix. Happy Halloween