Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bielefelder Kinderchor - Christmas In Germany - 1965

Have you been asking yourself how come I don't have more German music at Christmas?  Well I've got a record for you.  This is a record of German choir Christmas music.  It is all very traditional choir music.  I personally don't speak any German so I don't understand any of the lyrics, but I do recognize a few of the melodies.  Surprisingly, though, there is no "Oh Tannenbaum" which may be one of the more famous German carols.  That is okay, you can find that on many records.

My basic internet research pegged the date of this record at 1965.  The previous owner of the record wrote on the front and the back "about 1960."  I find it funny how it was just not the practice to put dates on old records.  I don't know what the thinking was, but it sure makes writing about these records years later a little more challenging.

Most of the tracks are a children's choir.  At least that is what I gather from the photo on the back and my basic German translation that assumes Kinderchor means children's choir.    The track listing can be read on the photo of the back jacket.

All in all the record is okay.  It works if you are in the mood for the more traditional sounds of Christmas.  None of these tracks will liven up a Christmas party, though.  The record isn't pristine, but I've cleaned it up the best I can with what I've got.


Christmas In Germany

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alix said...

"None of these tracks will liven up a christmas party..." haha. I actually grew up with this record, so it's SUPER nostaligic for me (my mom is from Germany and my dad from Mexico, so we had a wide variety of tunes spinning on the ol' hi fi!). I think this is a really lovely album, but def more a mellow, chillin' by the fire place with this in the background....not party material for sure. : )