Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Come On Ring Those Bells - 1975

I am not really too sure who the "A Reason To Sing" television family is or was, but I am guessing that it has something to do with a Christian TV show or television network from the 70's.  I'm gathering that from the group names like "New Life" and Jericho Brass." Most of these songs definitely focus on the Christ part of Christmas and not so much on the man in the big red suit.  That is fine by me.  I think you have to have both.  This record has something beyond just the traditional carols and some good arrangements which is why I like it.  There is also a thin layer or 70's cheese on these tracks as well that I find enjoyable as well.  "Go Tell It On The Mountain" is a virtual cheese fondue of 70's goodness.  Reminds me of the effervescence of the Up With People choir from the 70's. "Christmas Shopping" is also an extra cheesy gem.  It may even cross the line into comedy it is so happy.  I can picture this song being performed on some super white bread show like Lawrence Welk with lots of teeth and smiles.  It also brings to mind perhaps an SCTV parody making fun of this whole wholesome genre, except this is genuine and not ironic.  To me that makes it all the more better.  So give the songs a listen.  They'll brighten up your holiday season.

01 Come On, Ring Those Bells - T.A.C.T. Singers and New Life
02 The Secret Of Christmas - Reflection
03 The Christmas Song - Jericho Brass
04 Do You Hear What I Hear_ - Jerry Nelson and New Life
05 O, Little Town Of Bethlehem - Brotherhood II
06 Go Tell It On The Mountain - New Life
07 O, Holy Night - Lee Stalling and Daybreak
08 Where Has He Gone_ - T.A.C.T. Singers
09 Christmas Shopping - Brotherhood III and Reflection
10 Hark, The Herald Angels Sing - Jericho Brass
11 Everybody Will Be Praisin' The Lord - Keith Showalter and New Life


Come On Ring Those Bells

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