Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Captain Kangaroo - Merry Merry Christmas

This is one of those records that when I got it I knew that I would share it with whoever I could. I knew that there had to be plenty of people of my generation who had fond memories of Captain Kangaroo and especially Mr. Green Jeans. This record has plenty of banter between Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans and will bring back all those fond memories.

I wish this copy was in better condition, but oh well. I'll take what I can get. Its scratchy and pretty beaten up, but it is still very listenable and fun. There are lots of fun tracks. "I Want A Hippopotomous For Christmas" is one of my favorites. "Crackerjack Christmas" by Mr. Green Jeans is great just because it has the word Lolapolooza in it. "Santa's Other Reindeer" is pretty good. It is sung by Santa's reindeer. Who knew they had such fine vocal talents. I also like hearing the Captain's quick version of "Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol". Short and sweet. Have a listen. Find out which ones are your favorites.


01 Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas.mp3
02 Sleigh Ride.mp3
03 Crackerjack Christmas - Mr. Green Jeans.mp3
04 Little Fir Tree.mp3
05 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp3
06 When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter.mp3
07 I Want A Hippopotomous For Christmas.mp3
08 Jingle Bells.mp3
09 Santa's Other Reindeer.mp3
10 Pull Together.mp3
11 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.mp3
12 Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol.mp3
13 Silent Night.mp3
14 Deck The Halls.mp3
15 Joy To The World.mp3
16 Happy Little New Year.mp3
17 Reprise.mp3

Captain Kangaroo.zip


Shawna said...
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DougS said...

I wanted to send a quick thank you... I stumbled across this blog when I did a search for Captain Kangaroo's Christmas album that I listened to HUNDREDS of times when I was little (uhh... 40+ years ago). I downloaded it and am in fact listening to it as I type. MAN that brings back memories! The static, popping and scratched adds to it, I think, as it sounds more like it sounded back then! I can still remember sitting there ("Indian style") by the Christmas tree next to my record player while listening to The Captain and Mr Green Jeans and excitedly dreaming about what Santa might be bringing me...

There was another Christmas album that I had and played as much as the Captain's album, from the same record company, I believe... any chance you have a copy of that one, too? It was a children's album by Bing Crosby (I think). It seems like the front of the album had a drawing of Paul Bunyon and a Christmas tree... it had songs such as about "an axe, an apple and a Buckskin Jacket", "Was I afraid?".... "how lovely is Christmas"....

Thanks again!

UCRDOGS said...

Thank you for not deleting this song post of Captain Kangaroo. I was searching under the good Captain and found this wonderful music. I love the pops from the old record sound. I miss that. Digital is way too clean. do you have more such music? Please let me know. Thank you again.


Spencer said...

Glad you enjoyed the record. I've got all sort of records on the blog and many more waiting in the wings to be posted and a whole lot of records still not digitized. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day so who knows if and when I'll get to everything else. If you see anything you'd like that has dead links, just e-mail me and I can hook you up.