Monday, October 27, 2008

And so it continues

Well, whoever is doing the complaining, they have been very busy because I got another notification this afternoon. I have a feeling these are all coming from the same disgruntled person who hasn't even taken the time to really read or investigate what is on the pages. If they had they would have noticed that I had already disabled any links to music. This one doesn't quite hurt as much, because I had backed it up this weekend. It was a post from back in January, Jacky Ward and Reba McEntire. I am going to add this to the list of URL's I want restored in the letter I am sending to Google. However in the mean time I have just reposted the same post with a few extra comments clarifying that there is no copyright infringement because there is no music on the page. The bummer part for the mean time is that I think I had some comments associated with that entry and those are gone for now. I did not backup everyone's comments.

So that is what is going on today with the blog. It may not be music, but at least it is providing a little drama and story to follow each day. That's got to have some entertainment value, right? Maybe not, but it is therapeutic for me. So indulge me.

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