Friday, October 10, 2008

The Hitmen - Bates Motel 12" - 1981

Kind of keeping with the scary theme of the month, here is one from the Hitmen. You all of course remember the Bates Motel from "Psycho". The Hitmen decided to make a song about it.

The Hitmen were a a New Wave band from the early 80's. This song comes from their 1981 release "Torn Together". I don't personally remember them, but I think I have them on some other compilation from that era. I know it is sad that I'm not even sure. I've included the video for you as well. It's pretty low budget and weird, which was true of a lot of videos of the time. That is what made the early days of music videos great.


01 Bates Motel.mp3

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