Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A New Feature

On my way in to work today I thought of a new feature I could write about that is quick and painless and shouldn't ruffle any feathers. First a quick set up about my mornings. I live relatively close to my work. 2 miles to be exact. Most days I walk to and from work. Recently I've been reading comic books as I walk. Probably not the safest thing, but I mostly walk down neighborhood streets with little traffic. The sound track to my reading is my ipod, which I just throw on shuffle. On an average walk I get 12-20 songs in. On some days I don't feel like reading and I want to just enjoy the morning so I ride my skateboard. This morning was such a morning. I get to work much quicker and don't get in as many songs. What the board does allow me to do is think a little and this morning I was thinking about the blog. Often I listen to my ipod and I really appreciate the wide range of music that can come up when set to shuffle. I thought that could be something I share with people. I don't have to upload the music and artwork and do all that hard stuff. I can just let people know what came up on the ipod, maybe make a few comments and see what people have to say about those songs. Maybe it is a lame idea, but I figure I'll give it a shot. At least it will fill in the days between posting records.

So this morning's list was as follows.

One For My Baby - Frank Sinatra from "Sinatra '57"
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V) - Pink Floyd
Is This Love - Whitesnake
Paddle Out - Sublime
Da-Do - Rick Moranis from the Little Shop Of Horrors soundtrack
Springtime - Leatherface

So there is a sampling of the wonderful variety that I get in the morning. So what does this all bring to mind. Well first of all you should seek out this Sinatra version of "One For My Baby". It is from a live album and he has a great intro where he talks to the audience. And then the delivery of the song is the best of any version in my opinion.

The next thing that comes to mind is that I hope everyone saw The Family Guy this last week because they did a parody of Da-Do. It was hilarious. It's about 3 minutes into the episode. Check it out on Hulu.

Okay, that's enough for now. Looking forward to you comments.

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