Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Mix 2008

The last few days have been hard.  I have found that I look forward to this thing every day.  Sure I may write in advance when I'm busy, but I still check in everyday.  I love the anticipation to see how many people have looked at the post and I get excited at the thought that perhaps someone might have made a comment.  Usually no one does, except my loyal friends Matracas and ET (thanks guys), but I still get a rush of anticipation.  So it has taken a bit of restraint the last couple days not to post something new.  I tell myself that it is for the best.

This past weekend I had to go out of town and I picked up a whole bunch of family photos that I plan on scanning.  This is in addition to the other project I mentioned, so my free time is going to be pretty filled for the next few months.  I'm so glad I put all that work in this past summer.

This post is actually the fruits of my summer work.  I actually pulled this thing together back in July and I have been so excited and anxious to get it out there for people.  I started out just pulling together Halloween songs and was going to do my usual type of mix/playlist.  But since I had some extra time on my hands I decided to try my hand at garageband.  I had a blast mixing things together.  Laying spoken word over sound effects and other music.  The final product I think is pretty darn fun.

I also learned that if you take the one file, which is in the form of a podcast and then burn it to a CD itunes automatically breaks up the songs into tracks.  That is of course if you put markers in the podcast, which I have done for you.  I have also posted the individual songs, but I really recommend the whole thing because songs mix and mesh into each other.  Some songs aren't even full songs.  Sometimes it may just be a verse or two and then I get something else going.

So hopefully you'll like what I've done.  Maybe it will inspire you to pull together your own list.  You can also use this for a whole month as a soundtrack to get you into the mood of Halloween.  There's no reason to wait until Halloween when it comes to music.  This can be your soundtrack for the whole month.

I've done my best to provide you with informative tags.  In some cases where I have mashed up several things I may have made up a new name for the track and then put as much information in the tags as possible.  If you are interested in the sources for these songs just give me a shout. 

So until next time which hopefully won't be too long from now,


Here's the whole thing as one enhanced podcast.

SAP Music Halloween Mix 2008.m4a

And here are the tracks by themselves. You can burn yourself a disk from these tracks, but be sure to make it gapless.

01 This is Halloween.m4a
02 Everyday Is Halloween.m4a
03 I Have No Home.m4a
04 Candy Man.m4a
05 No Costume, No Candy.m4a
06 Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en.m4a
07 The Haunted House Vs The Haunted Mansion.m4a
08 The Haunted Mansion Organ & Madame Leota.m4a
09 Doin' It In A Haunted House.m4a
10 Casper The Friendly Ghost (Theme).m4a
11 Little Ghost.m4a
12 Morricone Vs The Martians (Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion Main Title & Martian Graveyard).m4a
13 The Witch (Full Version).m4a
14 Evil Walks.m4a
15 Vampire.m4a
16 Sleepy Vampire.m4a
17 Ghoul Days, Ghoul Days.m4a
18 To Cause A Witch To Die.m4a
19 The Shreik Of Agony (Shreik Of Agony-Cha Cha Cha).m4a
20 Seducing Shining Vampyros Lesbos Zombies.m4a
21 Zombie Jamboree.m4a
22 We're All Zombies Too.m4a
23 Count Chocula Goes Hollywood.m4a
24 Dracula's Lament.m4a
25 Lugosi, Orgies & Christians.m4a
26 It's Halloween.m4a
27 Graveyard.m4a
28 Buried Alive.m4a
29 At The House Of Frankenstein House.m4a
30 Creation of The Female Monster (The Bride Of Frankenstein).m4a
31 Over At The Frankenstein Place.m4a
32 Have A Happy Halloween.m4a

Download All tracks here


Wendy said...

It's downloading now. I've been looking forward to checking out your Halloween mix, Spencer! I can already tell that it demands high fives.

Too, emerging within the anticipation, I have notions of adopting a black cat and naming it "Slacks".

What Would Welby Do?

CJ said...

Maybe my teenagers will learn a whole new respect for music pre-today! Thank you for including me on your list. The halloween spirit started the other day around here when we hung the pumpkin garland and put out our "spooky tree". Corn stalks are a-dryin', the fog has rolled in so welcome to the best holiday of the year!

Tara said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday! Can't wait to enjoy the music. We are fully decorated and in the swing!

Spencer said...

I'm glad this is help get people in the mood. I love Halloween too. Oddly, though, I'm not a big dress up in a costume person. I like the giving out candy, the decorations, the spooky movies and music.

Thanks again also for checking in.

Happy Halloween!