Saturday, September 27, 2008

Convoy - 20 of Today's Hits - 1975

I'm very sad to even be writing this entry because I really like that I've been able to offer up something new everyday. Unfortunately a couple things have rattled me this week which has brought me to this point. The last thing I want to do is for this blog to completely fail and stop, so I am taking measures to ensure that it goes on for a long time. Basically what this means for you the reader is that for at least the next couple months I and going to cut back on the posts. At the very least it will be once a week and if I have something special I may throw in two.

The reasons for this temporary slowdown are the following. This summer I spent a lot of time digitizing music and scanning or photographing records. I basically did enough work to provide posts everyday through the end of the year. Then I recently decided to take on another project which involves a lot more scanning and may lead to another blog or a website. Totally not music related. More on that later as I progress. That all seemed kind of okay because I had done all this prep work this summer. But the thing is, that this new project I think is going to drag on into next year, so I was already getting a little worried about what I was going to do in January.

Then there was the event this last week where a page got erased because someone made some copyright complaint. Now I have to go back and back everything up. It seems like no big deal, but actually it is going to be time consuming to do it the way that I want to. Again that is more time from my already busy schedule that also would take away from getting things ready for this blog.

That complaint also raised all sorts of new questions about what I can post and what I can't post. I still haven't made any decisions, but I think I may have to rethink some things and maybe be more selective. I'm actually not completely ready to give up on my anything goes sort of format, but I just need time to think. At the very least I am having second thoughts on a bunch of the records I digitized this summer to post in the coming months. I think I may have to wait on some of them, because perhaps they are too recent or too well known or who knows what, but that I think will eliminate a bunch of records I was hoping to post at least for now.

So my solution for the time being is to just post less frequently. If I do this I should have enough content to get me well into next year. The one exception to this may be the month of December. I have a ton of Christmas records ready to go and I think they may be safe from complaints so I may have more frequent posts.

So that is the deal for now. Again I am sorry and I feel like I am letting you few regular readers down. I am determined to not make this a permanent thing and to get back on track as soon as possible.

Please keep reading and posting comments. The next post is going to be great. It will be a mix for Halloween. I spent a lot of time on this one and it is more than just a playlist. I actually got into garage band and created something totally unique. So stay tuned for that coming in October. Just days a way.

In the mean time here is a complete oddity. It is a record from the 70's that is trying to capitalize off the whole trucker culture fad that happened back then. The cover really is about as trucker as it gets. The songs are selections from pop and rock music of the day. To make it even cheesier none of these are by the original artists. They are cheap knock offs. So are so bad they are unlistenable, but others are good for a laugh. Some are actually pretty close to the originals. I think that may be because the originals were also bland generic pop music that anyone could have done. One of my favorites for its weirdness and its inability to capture the original it the cover of Kiss's "Rock And Roll All Night".


Convoy_ 20 of Today's Hits
Convoy_ 20 of Today's Hits

01 Saturday Night.m4a
02 Fly, Robin, Fly.m4a
03 Country Boy.m4a
04 Convoy.m4a
05 Rock And Roll All Night.m4a
06 You Sexy Thing.m4a
07 I Write The Songs.m4a
08 Evil Woman.m4a
09 Love Rollercoaster.m4a
10 Walk Away From Love.m4a
11 Fly Away.m4a
12 Sing A Song.m4a
13 School Boy Crush.m4a
14 Love To Love You.m4a
15 Last Game Of The Season.m4a
16 Mahogany.m4a
17 He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother.m4a
18 Play On Love.m4a
19 Somewhere In The Night.m4a
20 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.m4a


Matracas said...

Spencer: Don't let that post deletion bother you. Those deletions happen very frequently all over the web. As long as you know that you're not cheating anyone on their "earnings" since you don't make any profet off of making images and music available there is no worry. Noone is going to come after you for this. This is just a personal hobby that you are sharing with the rest of the world. I myself have just acquired a second hand turntable and I started digitalizing some of my record collection although nothing as interesting as yours (so don't worry abour blog rivalry jajajaja).
Keep up the good work and keep your head up.

ET said...

It’s a shame someone out there just doesn’t get it. My opinion:

What you do is covered under the “Fair Use Agreement” laws (using other’s original work in your journalism, etc).

Had this been a public performance, of course, you pay BMI or ASCAP their fees that will trickle down to the artist… which is what the McCain campaign did when using the Heart song Barracuda (and BTW, the Heart cease and desist letter was just a silly stunt on Ann & Nancy’s part).

Had you been doing public performances of another’s original work on YouTube without journalistic content, that would have required a payment to the aforementioned licensing companies.

Also, “sync license” issues apply to music synced to visuals (i.e., a song used in a film), just to clarify a little more.

My guess is Google isn’t particularly worried about a violation on your part or being complaisant in anything you did wrong, they just remain overly careful to avoid the headaches.

My attorney talks about this once in a while. His basic belief is:

1. Push the limits to get your name and work out there.
2. If something like this happens, simply try to get permission from the original artist or whoever owns the masters.
3. If permission is denied, their artistry was fake and based in money more than art.

So that's just my opinion. I look forward to posts whenever you can. Don’t feel rushed. We love you, your work, and the journalism you provide.