Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover 12" - 1986

Absolutely love this song and the different mixes here are all good. My one question though with this record is, what the hell's the deal with the horse riding on the cover. Don't get the connection to "Brand New Lover". I'm sure there are plenty of records that have cover art that doesn't relate, but this one kind of stood out for me. Maybe I'm just looking for something to write about since it's getting late and I just want to get this one out.


01 Brand New Lover (The Dust Monkey's Love Bubble Mix).m4a
02 Brand New Lover (Instrumental).m4a
03 Brand New Lover (Up Ducky Mix).m4a
04 In Too Deep (Live).m4a


chael said...

I believe had a Western rodeo theme...still doesn't connect but at least that's why the single has that photo!

chael said...

the video had a Western rodeo theme (I meant to write)

hitandrunlover said...

... and the horse was named Fury too - it's appeared in many commercials!