Friday, September 5, 2008

Conceited - Conceited 12"

Here's one I'm sure just about no one will know. Why you ask? Because this record was barely released. My brother actually raps on this record. He was involved with a bunch of different musical ventures back in the 90's. I don't think he was the driving force behind this production.

I remember him telling me about this Tulips song before and he thought it was so clever. It is kind of clever, but the end product is just so so and a bit juvenile. Then again a lot of music is juvenile. For me the B side with the 3 versions of "Bringin' It Back (Sweet Home Chicago)" is the real gem here. It kind of co-opts the chorus of Sweet Home Chicago and does so quite effectively. The rest of the song is good too and I think you might like it as well.


01 Tie Me Up (Bondage Mix).m4a
02 Plant Your Two Lips (Street Mix).m4a
03 On This Dick.m4a
04 Bringin' It Back (Sweet Home Chicago).m4a
05 Bringin' It Back (Sindy City Mix).m4a
06 Bringin' It Back (Instrumental).m4a

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