Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deniece Williams - Let's Here It For The Boy 7" - 1984

This is actually my favorite song off of the Footloose soundtrack. I know that may sound lame because this song is pretty light weight, but it is a perfect pop song. This is one that as a kid I loved, but never would tell anybody. I even got a copy of the Footloose soundtrack and never really told anyone. I especially didn't tell anyone that I loved this song. The video for this song was pretty lame and worth a watch for the cheese factor. It was cheesy then and the cheesy factor has only gone up over the years. The part that really made an impression is the bit on the football field. Talk about bargain basement production. Couldn't they have gone to a real football field. I mean really.

And here's an extra bonus from the 80's.

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