Sunday, September 14, 2008

Duran Duran - The Reflex 7" - 1984

Nothing I can really say or add about Duran Duran that hasn't been said before. They were huge. They were great. Blah blah blah.

As a young boy I got into "Hungry Like A Wolf" mostly because of that woman moaning at the end. That was pretty racy and sexy for a boy in 6th grade. You felt a little naughty for listening to it. But then I became more aware in the months and years that followed that this wasn't primarily a band for horny little boys going through puberty. This was a band for the ladies. With that no firmly in my mind and the minds of so many other boys I wouldn't have anything to do with them. They were too girly. Looking back now I realize that they were great and that I missed out on a lot of great music at the time, not that I'm just discovering them. My qualms over them being a girl band disappeared in college and when I was dating my future wife who loved Duran Duran. But with that said I still kind of feel that I had valid reasons as a young boy not to be into them. Even looking back it is more than clear that they were not gunning for me to buy their records. I wouldn't have it in at one of their concerts any more than a young 12 year old boy would fit in at a Jonas Brothers concert these days. So I get why I didn't like them and why boys don't like groups like the Jonas Brothers today. They are talented and can write catchy pop tunes. In ten years the boys that hate them now will look back with fondness. Okay that's enough of that ramble. The point it Duran Duran is great. This song is great. It's catchy and sexy. It had a crazy video that in retrospect was a little cheesy. This record gives you perhaps a mix you haven't heard before which is a nice bonus.


01 The Reflex (The Dance Mix Edited).m4a
02 New Religion (Live).m4a


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den81164 said...

i am loving your blog. but did you know you have duran duran in the seventies?