Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Order - Shellshock 12" - 1986

Here's another in my series of New Order 12" records. I think I may have one more after this. Anyways, this is Shellshock another great club track from the mid 80's. In addition to being great in a club blaring out a huge sound system and having colored lights flashing all around in sync to some of the machine gun synth rhythms, this is also a great headphones track. New Order plays around with bouncing sounds from left to right which is always fun.

"Theives Like Us" is also another New Order classic. That signature drum beat in the opening just says New Order 80's club music. I love the build on this song. It comes at with with not as much assault as Shellshock, but it does suck you in and get you into the groove. It is a very welcoming track. As I'm writing I'm thinking this might be a good track to cruise around to in the car late at night. I have a few of those songs on my list. They are the kinds of songs you want to hear after getting out of a loud concert or movie and you're driving home through the streets of Hollywood. You want something that will chill you out, but will also still feel kind of hip and cool and citylike. Another track high on that list for me is "In Your House" by The Cure. It is on Seventeen seconds.

So give the song a chance next time your out in the city late at night heading home and wanting to unwind. If the weather is good roll down the windows and let the night air in and you're set.


01 Shellshock.mp3
02 Theives Like Us.mp3

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