Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tenderloinz - Where's The Beef - 1984

Here's a little electro funk novelty from the 80's. Many who lived in the 80's will remember the wildly successful "Where's the beef" campaign from Wendy's. For those of you who missed it the basic idea was that they were selling the idea that their hamburgers had more beef and so this old lady would get a burger from some other place, look at the small patty and demand "where's the beef?" It was a cultural phenomenon that basically just got annoying. Anyways just like other crazy pop culture phenomenon's someone saw an opportunity to cash in with a novelty song and this here is the result. Borrowing from the up and coming genre of electro hip hop this tried to capitalize on a couple fads. The record is fun to listen to now for nostalgia more than anything.


01 Where's The Beef.m4a
02 Take A Number.m4a

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