Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helen O'Connell - Green Eyes - 1957

This is the second record I've posted by Helen O'Connell. If you want to read more about her check out my last post on her. This is an earlier release of hers and again she is amazing. She's becoming one of my favorite female vocalists from this time.

The top song for me is "Brazil". The other highlights that come to mind are "Yours", "When The Sun Comes Out", "Green Eyes" and "Amapola". If you don't want to listen to the whole thing I suggest just starting with any of those.


01 Star Eyes.m4a
02 Not Mine.m4a
03 Tangerine.m4a
04 Green Eyes.m4a
05 Yours.m4a
06 When The Sun Comes Out.m4a
07 All Of Me.m4a
08 Jim.m4a
09 Amapola.m4a
10 Time Was.m4a
11 Embraceable You.m4a
12 Brazil.m4a

Helen O'Connell - Green

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