Sunday, September 7, 2008

Arthur Lyman - Bwana A: More Exotic Sound Of Arthur Lyman - 1958

I think it has been a while since I dove into the exotica records for the blog so I thought is was time again. I've been spending a lot of time in the 80's in recent weeks. To be honest my ipod has spent a lot of time in the 80's recently as I've been building a big ole 80's playlist. It's been fun.

Anyways, that project is kind of done for now and I think a venture into something completely different is called for. This is an Exotica record from the 50's much in the same vain as Les Baxter or Martin Denny. There are bird calls and exotic sounding rhythms and instruments. It really lays out a lush tapestry and I think this is near the top of my limited list of records of this sort. I certainly enjoy it as it takes my on some sort of fictitious Disney-esque journey to some foreign land that doesn't really exist. It's like travelling to the Lost Worls to go looking for King Kong and cannibals. Oh what fun.

Tracks that stand out for me are "Bwana A", "South Pacific Moonlight", "Waikiki Serenade", "La Paloma", "Otome San", "Canton Rose" and "Colonel Bogey's March". The real attraction of all these songs are the mellow vibes. So soothing. What a great instrument.


01 Bwana A.m4a
02 South Pacific Moonlight.m4a
03 Moon Over Ruined Castle.m4a
04 Waikiki Serenade.m4a
05 La Paloma.m4a
06 Otome San.m4a
07 Canton Rose.m4a
08 Blue Sands.m4a
09 Malaguena.m4a
10 Vera Cruz.m4a
11 Pua Carnation.m4a
12 Colonel Bogey's March.m4a

Bwana A_ More Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman side
Bwana A_ More Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman side


Ron said...

Thanks !! Cant wait to listen !!

Spencer said...

You're welcome.