Monday, September 1, 2008

The Freeze - Guilty Face 7" - 1983

Here's a re-release of a classic EP from The Freeze. The Freeze were from the early 80's Boston Hard Core scene. They do a couple of my favorite songs from that era "Refrigerator Heaven" and "This Is Boston, Not LA". Track those tracks down for sure if you haven't heard them.

This is a 7" from 1983 and has their usual speedy hard core sound. Makes you just want to jump head first into a mosh pit. Ah the good ole days. Now I leave that up to my son to do, while I stay safely on the sidelines.

On this record I really like "Voices From My Window", "We're Not the Abnormal Ones" and "I'm Too Good For You". "Halloween Night" is also a tasty one for me, because I have a soft spot in my heart when I find Halloween related music.

Anyways, you can probably find this record online or at any decent record shop that sells new releases. You can probably find an original print of this on e-bay for some exorbitant price. Here you can have a little sample and see if you find it worth purchasing to put on your turntable. I don't have any regrets.


01 Violent Arrest.m4a
02 Voices From My Window.m4a
03 We're Not The Abnormal Ones.m4a
04 Halloween Night.m4a
05 Guilty Face.m4a
06 I'm Too Good For You.m4a

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